Circular and sustainable development of the stone industryIt owns ten large-scale high-quality stone mines, such as Shidao Red, Royal Pearl, Royal Brown Diamond, Royal Brown, Amethyst Diamond, Pink Rose, Desert Oasis, and
Blue Leopard; and two large stone processing bases.

Zhonglei TechnologyLarge foreign-invested enterprise integrating mining mining, stone processing, sales and import and export

Realized green and environmental protection mining, resource-saving mining

Rongcheng zhonglei technology development co., ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise invested and established by Hong Kong gaishi group in weihai area in 1998. After more than 20 years of operation and development, it has grown into a high-tech enterprise with two major industries of stone mining, processing and equipment manufacturing. It has 1200 employees, more than 200 professional and technical talents, and its registered capital is usd 24.05 million. It has ten new modern green mines such as shidao red, royal pearl, royal brown diamond, royal brown, amethyst diamond, pink rose, chengde green and so on. Two modern and environmentally friendly and efficient processing bases, equipped with a full set of world advanced stone mining and processing and production equipment, for more than 70 countries and regions to provide quality stone products; With a mining technology, equipment r & d and manufacturing center, independent research and development of new stone mining technology and equipment, completely eliminate backward coal mining, complete mechanized sawing mining, so that mining really achieve safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, resource utilization of the green mining mode.

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To be good at work, you must first sharpen itIn the past 30 years of development of our own mines, we have come all the way, so it is more professional, practical and perfect.


Mining, stone processing, sales and import and exportMining,stone processing,marketing and import and export

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Grasp market trends and seize wealth opportunitiesMany years of mining experience and expertise

Adhering to the concept of science and technology and environmental protection, the company continuously explores and pursues new technologies and processes.
Always leads the industry's development direction

All-round support for the operation of the support systemAll-round support for the operation of the support system

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